About Us

Am a novice photographer. Just having fun. I live in Las Vegas, NV.

Today, 20 June 2017. Still haven’t decided what I will do here. Am feeling more like myself lately and it looks like even with neglect “this” is still here. Still capturing images and need to capture more.
Just leaving this note here to mark my visit.

Today, 7 August 2017. Am learning. It is a bit more comfortable accessing my server. Still need work and study to know WTF I am doing.

Today, 23 September2018. Have been getting probes from people subscribing with no good purpose other than to spam. Checked their IP addresses when they are locked out and the addresses are black holes leading into cyber-space. So I decided to activate the anti-spam provided as a free resource by WP. Hopefully, this will stop the nonsense. Is a learning experience, so the infants trying to spam me got locked out and am thankful for the learning they provided to me, free of charge.