First Try


Found information from WordPress.Org on theme development. This will help me get the landing page set up the way I would like. My plan, after the landing page looks nice, is to build sections and sub-sections. There are a lot of things I feel like discussing.

Hello world!

This is my first post. Noticed that if I toggle back and forth between visual and text views I lose the html that I have posted. That’s funky. And cannot find how to get back to my dashboard while on this text box. Oops. Found it. Cool. Go over to the right side and press update. Still, I wish the code would stay. What happens if I write something fancy. And how do i link a CSS into this. I haven’t written any pages. The pages that I see must be defaults. Am waiting for March 11th to change this temporary domain into a my permanent name so that it will go onto the Internet.